Call Comsolutions - Telephone System Specialist - for The Yeastar S20, S50, Easy to Install Plug and Play Telephone System,
easy to use features,  Hold,  Transfer , Voicemail, Automated Answering, call recording all in a standard configuration.
The Yeastar system, is compatible with Yealink, Cisco, Polycom. Snom and a wide range of other IP Telephones.
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                          We are - Telephone System Specialist - We Supply and Support the Yeastar S20, S50 and S100 Easy to Install Plug and Play IP Telephone System.

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    Key Features and Benefits

  * Easy installation - plug and play connectivity-
     via new or existing - Cat 5  Network Cabling.
  * Easy to use ip or voip telephones.
  * Quick and easy configuration......
  * Easy 'Set Up'  via 'Auto Phone Provisioning'
    with the Intuitive point-and-click User Interface.
Works with or withour broadband
Designed with the small and medium sized enterprise in mind, supporting up to 500 users and built using the very latest technology, the Yeastar S-Series Telephone System  provides exceptional cost savings, productivity, and efficiency improvements, delivering power, performance, and peace of mind,,

The all new S-Series Telephone System  is engineered for the communication needs of today and tomorrow , and with the e Yeastars unique modular design future proofs your investment choice.

Yeastar T19 telephone .

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Your choice of Technologies and features
With a unique modular design, the S Series Telephone System
will install into the most demanding of environments, you can also take advantage of advanced enterprise grade features with the fullest and most complete software versions.

Telephone System without risk
S-Series is built with the future in mind, utilizing the latest technology advances, from freescale industrial grade Quad core processors , TI DSP voice processors, and long life power units and lightening protection.

Play Safe and Expect reliabilityty
With advanced fallover, security monitoring, and
reporting capabilities as standard, combined with an
internal firewall, and with support of TLS and SRTP
encryption, there has never been such a robust Telephone

Yeastar Telephone T19      Yeastar Telephone

Appreciate - easy to use solution.
* ISDN BRI/E1/T1/PRI and
* Inbuilt Call-recording
* Powerful Apps (add ons) include
  auto-provision, LDAP and more
  coming soon....
* Free Lifetime software/firmware
   upgrade and above all its super
* Connect multiple sites and
   remote users - instantly...
* No hidden charges or extra
   licensing fees.
* Low power consumption...
         (1.8 - 59.1 watts)



Yeastar Telephone

Yeastar T58 Telephone


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Yeastar S30 & S50 Specs


The Yeastar 'S' Telephone System features :-
fast installation and plug and play connectivity,
with 'auto phone provisioning' - via your existing
 - Cat 5  Network Cabling -
The intuitive point-and-click  UI allows quick and easy configuration from any location.